I miss Scout.

In the OMG where is he? Screaming out of me.

I don’t usually do this when he’s gone.

To be honest, knowing that Mom was going to be here while he was in Indy this week, I really had it in my head that we would “fix” everything. Two women and a baby, without feeling like I needed to support Scout and help him with this baby thing.


I want my hubs. I miss my hubs.

Yes, it’s partially b/c I have no guilt handing Alex off at any given time (poopy, screaming, whatev) and I do to Mom. I also feel guilty sleeping with Mom here. There’s a help.

I’ve just really been used to Scout here all the time in the last month and to suddenly have him GONE feels wrong.

It may be because of the shit-tastic time we had last week. I need to sit down and write all of that out, face the past and move the fuck on, and this is the ideal time to do it.

I miss him.

For the first time I really feel okay about the move – I’d be doing this on my own SO MUCH if we weren’t moving.

I couldn’t tell him on the phone tonight how much I wanted him home, he wants to be home too.