So I have been reading about babies. Specifically about sleep. I went to BN yesterday and got Susannah and Trinny books, Touchpoints, and the Pantley sleep book.

Alex has that shit screaming session in the evening that is just NOT fun.


1. Brazelton says the majority of the babies in his practice have that evening scream-a-thon and that he thinks it’s a neurological rebooting of some sort. Basically, if so many babies do it then there must be a reason for it.

2. Pantley says if you miss your baby’s cues that you will wind up with a screamer.

3. Someone else (I do a lot of reading online in the middle of the night, so I’m fuzzy on citations) said one key to sleep is EARLY EARLY EARLY, like 530pm if necessary.

4. Person at work who said she did a ton of reading on sleep and has had her son sleeping “through the night” (till 4am is the definition of that in their house) said that even though it’s counterintuitive that often babies get overtired and putting them to bed earlier helps them sleep longer at night (I know, makes no sense, but there you have it.)

So. When the Tiny Kaiser Baby Schu was winding down at 5pm I said “Well, I want to try to keep him to sleep and see if we can miss baby screamfest”

It’s 905 and we’re still on a roll, some patting and feeding and shhhhhhhing but sleeping. Wheeeee! Now we’ll see if the flip side is true – that he won’t be wide freaking awake at 4am.