so the experiment worked. 15 hours of sleep. lots of day sleep too. not sure if had or 3 naps. i look forward to getting to ky when i can get to being on top of things. in some ways i’m looking forward to not having any help.

alex was way wiggly here abt 3am. i finally gave up and put him on the floor. he kicked and blinked and played alone for abt 3o minutes before making signs of “kaiser want food now”. he sucked down the bottle and went right to sleep.

Scouts mom is sleeping on the couch downstairs. id mentioned buying a mattress weeks ago and he said nah. ooookay fine. so last night she slept on the tiny couch (i have to curl my knees on this thing) on throw pillows. today they came home with real pillows. tonight on my shift ive learned that omg she snores. (i forget how mich i detest snoring. i know its not fair bc its not like the person can help it, but it makes me crazy). if its bc of tired from travel hopefully it will be better tomorrow. if its bc of the couch then we have to buy a mattress for cuz she cant be comfy. if its how she always sleeps then omg oxygen and a cpap machune need on the xmas list.

edit: i just got this-

How Sleep Can Affect Weight

Want help achieving and maintaining a healthy weight? Aim for eight hours of sleep a night. Research suggests that appetite-regulating hormones are affected by sleep and that sleep deprivation could lead to weight gain. In two studies, people who slept five hours or less per night had higher levels of ghrelin – a hormone that stimulates hunger – and lower levels of the appetite-suppressing hormone leptin than those who slept eight hours per night. So make sure getting adequate sleep is near the top of your optimum health checklist!