So Aunt Flo has come to visit again. Now, typically I can get by the first day without having to really address the issue – I mean I don’t have to stop going commando.

Well apparently this one is different. Apparently this one decided t come on immediately. Which I didn’t know until about 11pm when I got off the bed and saw a spot. This is after I’d gotten strawberry juice on the bed anyway. Hotel cleaning service is gonna love me.

Now it’s at this time that I realize all my pads etc are in some storage bin in some part of town. I remember being in my bathroom before we moved, looking at my stash going, eh, might as well pack that, I’m sure that period I got a few weeks ago was just a fluke, what are the chances that me being irregular AND breast feeding are going to yield a period before we get moved in?

Apparently just enough to fuck with me at 11pm when there’s no way I’m waking up Tiny Baby Kaiser to go to the store.

So I remedy the situation with a breast pad in the pants and feel quite smart.

Until I wake up the next morning, sit up to pump and promptly make a spot on the bed the size of… well it’s large.

At this point it occurs to me that the better choice for absorbency in an emergency might have been all the DIAPERS rather than a pad the size of a nipple that’s not really made for this sort of thing.


So to just make today even better…. I haul ass out of here to go to the store to get actual pads. Now I recently read a post on another blog that made me not want to buy Always. I also didn’t feel like I needed a woman diaper, so I opted against Kotex. I’m not quite up to trying tampons after Alex – the geography has changed enough that I don’t want to play that game quite yet. So Carefree. Yeah. My mom used to use Carefree, this seemed like a good choice. I didn’t want a femme diaper so I got “medium coverage” This seemed like a great choice.

Um yeah. It’s a fucking pantiliner. I have 96 “medium coverage” pads that are pantiliners. Don’t let the packaging fool you. It’s a liner. It doesn’t say this anywhere on the box. But it’s a liner.

Oh yeah. This day is just *awesome*.

So I take Alex out on our daily outing. Today it’s to go look at some 300K+ model homes. Two of them. From a builder who’s supposedly known for being top of the line with amenities and such. Figured it would be a good example of what to do when we start upgrading our house in a few weeks. And it meant I could go to Sonic since that was close to the second house.

Alex hasn’t been having a daily splat, which isn’t an issue when kids are on breastmilk. He of course made the splat just after I got my food and just before we got to the second model home. So he’s screaming wanting the yellow velcro splat off his butt, I’m trying to enjoy tater tots with cheese for the first time since February. I eat my tots, I lay him out on the back seat of the car and get him changed.

The rest of the day the child won’t nap. Finally got him to sleep for his second nap about the time he should have been on nap three. So to keep him asleep I slept too. Which worked for me. He woke up still in a crab ass mood. He fell asleep again. Then I was on the phone with Scout and my voice woke him up. So I started the night routine, skipping bath b/c I thought he was too tired, going to lotion and footie jammies and book. Then on to the screaming for a long time. He fell asleep. Finally. He woke up. Re called. I told her I’d call her back. He fell asleep. I held him for 20 minutes. Lay him down. He woke up. I called Scout. I did not tell him I was ready to resign my position as Mom because clearly I sucked at it. I decided it had been long enough that it was time for a diaper change. I got him out of the first diaper, I put the second one on – he was wet – he’d peed out while the diaper was off. Which yes, little boys do, but he hadn’t done it in a long while. At 1020 or so he fell asleep. The cat just then decided she wanted attention. And was determined to get next to the baby. That had to be circumvented. Twice. Baby, he is still asleep.

I look like I’ve been through the ringer. I’m longing for a shower. I’m longing for someone else to wash my hair. And perhaps blow it out straight for me. I’d like to have my toenails painted.

Hell. I’d like to have 15 minutes to clean up the house.