Here’s TMI:

So while you are breastfeeding you aren’t supposed to get your period. Unless you are an overachiever like me who’s NEVER been regular (wasn’t supposed to get pregnant – hah) – but now that I’m NOT supposed to have one – It’s clockwork.

So it hits the other night while Scout is gone. Around 11pm it finally dawns on me that I have no supplies and I’m not taking Kaiser out to take care of that. So I’m a resourceful girl – what do I have that’s absorbent and will work?

Breast pad.

For those of you who said – diaper – that would have been a much much better response as the breast pad was …. not wholly successful.

I tell you that to tell you this –

While I was in the store at 7am the next morning to get product, I’m standing on that aisle going … anything but Always, anything but Always.

So I pick medium coverage Carefree. A box of 96.

Get home and realize I’d totally forgotten that Carefree makes LINERS.