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A Time when Breastfeeding and Applebee’s Don’t Mix

August is World Breastfeeding Month, which has stirred up all kinds of debates and comments about breastfeeding and free formula bags. In case you’ve missed some of the conversation, here’s some links: Strollerderby One Strollerderby Two Blissfully Bitchy Bellies and Babies Now, I may not be a fan of the “nurse-in” concept myself, but I might just be a little envious of the women who’s (whose?) boobs don’t land in.. Read More

Our Anniversary Tale

(pasted from email sent to my girlfriends) Now here’s the funny story of the week. Still haven’t, y’know, done the deed. Just couldn’t do it when his mom was in the house. Now just can’t do it because I just can’t get in the mood when always listening for Kaiser to pipe up. Hubs is feeling all neglected and blah blah. Stressed. You know boys. Boy parts must be attended.. Read More