August is World Breastfeeding Month, which has stirred up all kinds of debates and comments about breastfeeding and free formula bags. In case you’ve missed some of the conversation, here’s some links:

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Now, I may not be a fan of the “nurse-in” concept myself, but I might just be a little envious of the women who’s (whose?) boobs don’t land in their lap when they open up the nursing bra, who can find nursing bras that fit, who don’t have to listen to the wheeze of a pump to get their breast milk to their baby, and who have never found themselves in the absurd situation of pumping milk for a hungry baby while hungry baby cries because he just won’t take the milk straight from the nice warm source.

However, I’d buy a set of markers for women who want to do the nurse in. But then, I’d buy the same markers for the women who want to formula feed. Motherhood is a bitch and anyone going through it deserves some fucking support.

That being said, apparently some folks at Applebee’s don’t get it.

Here’s a link to the story.

And a link to the pdf of the Kentucky law.

And a blogger who I like and I’m biased toward, so I’m sending her some link love on the matter.

Now, I’m not a fan of Applebee’s anyway, if I wanted premade, prepackaged food out of the freezer and reheated, I’d stay home and give my hubs a tip for serving it to me. So to say that I won’t eat at Applebee’s isn’t really a hardship for me. But I do think this is crap, as it sounds like she wasn’t sitting at the bar flailing her boob around for all to see (and even if she was, so what?). I’m also a huge fan of children not screaming, hungry kids tend to scream. (So do I for that matter.) Below is the text from a postcard being made available to people in Lexington to sign and mail.

Dear Mr. Mike Scanlon:

Due to Applebee’s employees violating KRS 211.755 on June 14, 2007

re: Mrs. Brooke Ryan and her infant son

I am asking Applebee’s:

1) to make a clear national policy that mothers have a right to breastfeed in their stores without being asked to move, hide, cover-up or leave

2) to train all employees that breastfeeding is different from other behaviors that customers might complain about (such as loud music, offensive language, etc.), and that employees are never to ask a breastfeeding mother to move, cover up, or leave. Instead employees can advise the complaining customer to avert their eyes or move to a different part of the store

3) to make the public aware of this policy

I will not be dining at any Applebee’s restaurants until a public apology is made and Applebee’s changes its stance on breastfeeding. Eatin’ is not good in the neighborhood if you are a breastfeeding baby.


Mailing address:

Mike Scanlon President, CEO, Director

Applebee’s Corporate Headquarters

249 East Main Street

Lexington, Kentucky 40507

One more thing: Hello, it’s a signed law. You don’t have to agree with it or like it. If you don’t want to follow it, then it looks like it’s time for you to start your own letter writing campaign to try to get it repealed.

Edited: Here’s another take on the situation.