I really don’t mean to have a theme this week, but everything that is on my mind and in my heart to say is all about women’s issues. So, here’s the breakdown of how I think this week’s postings are going to look:

Today was all for Grandma, the one we’re all pretty sure never said mofo. (And ya’ll are SO hilarious for your replies to that!)

Monday – Gonna see how pink I can get the site for Breast Cancer awareness month.

Tuesday – Boobs and Body issues.

Wednesday – Boobs and Breastfeeding

Thursday – Help a sister out, and I’m gonna have a contest!

Friday – I don’t know yet, but it’ll probably have to do with boobs too. (Like showing off my altered nursing bra or something. Woo Hoo!)

Keeping in theme, today someone found my blog by the creepy search of “boobie fascination”.