Happy October! Happy Breast Cancer awareness month!

This is one of those issues that I should be more passionate about. I should be more in tune in my own life and I should work through things that might contribute to the health of my breasts (all kinds of body image hurt will come spewing forth tomorrow).

The women in my family have a history of breast cancer and heart problems. On my mom’s side, my Grandma had many lumps and when one of the lumps was finally cancer, she just knew it before ever having it examined. My Great Grandma died after years of heart trouble. My Great Great Grandma also died of breast cancer.

My Aunt on my Dad’s side is currently going through treatment for breast cancer. It spread to her thyroid and she had it removed in August. And I’ll be damned if she doesn’t look like the most beautiful woman in the world in the midst of all of that treatment.

Right now, Team WhyMommy is showing the world that the Mommy Wars are a figment of some bored person’s imagination. WhyMommy herself has chosen to educate everyone she can about Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She shares her pain and her fear and when she’s feeling pretty good. You wanna talk about the strongest woman I’ve ever seen – this is her. (I’m still talking about WhyMommy, however Canape kicks some serious ass as well.)

I do believe that attitude is everything when it comes to my body. I think this meditation is a beautiful walk through of helping me respect my body, even when I don’t want to. (More on that tomorrow – nothing is ever easy in my head.) I will put the meditation at the bottom of each post, through the month of October to help me create a ritual of honoring my body, once a day.