Scout and the Kaiser and I are going to go have family photos taken today. By a real (expensive) live (expensive) studio (expensive) photographer.


Well, I went to my favorite crunchy granola mommy store and she had gift cards for a free sitting fee with them. A three hundred dollar value. Seriously.

But… Scout and I have never had a professional photo taken … the Kaiser has really great eyes and my photos are always slightly blurry (or at least not as crisp as I’d like) … and … fine … I think they can photoshop me so I don’t look tired.

I actually met with the photog Wednesday, squirmy baby in hand to talk about outfits and backgrounds and stuff. Like we could bring in props for the baby to play with … like if Scout has a catchers mitt, the baby could sit in the mitt with a baseball covering his dingle. (While we aren’t going to explore this option, Scout is more than willing to dig out his catcher’s chest protector if I’d like to suit up in that … and only that … for some photos … he’s so giving) Photog spent more time talking about his own kids and grandkid (arriving next month) than he did trying to sell me stuff … so that’s good right?


Or does this mean he’s going to take 40-50 perfect photos and I’m going to have to sell myself on the internet to pay for them?

Or will I just have to put on the chest plate and make Scout forget all about his troubles while he’s signing the bill?

(Ten Steps for Creating Breast Health)