So, all good cooks know that clean hands are a must for pre food touching. All good mommies know that clean hands are a must – just because they are a must.

Here’s a little tidbit about me:

I dee-test the feeling of my hands after they have had soap on them. They feel dry and sandpapery, and they catch on things and ick! ew! And with the heinous nail biting habit, I really don’t need any more gross going on with my hands.

One of my only memories of preschool is being made to wash my hands under water that felt way too hot on my hands. (Teacher wasn’t mean, I just have a low heat tolerance on my skin.)

So – I need clean hands – I hate soap and I hate hot water. Have to do something.

But wait, I also appreciate alcohol.

DIY found a way to mix these things together.

Now, since I’m a champ at taking the Kaiser on sketchy shopping trips, it was only fitting that we went to buy grain alcohol with babe in arms. Nothing says class like babies and 190 proof likker. I should have just bought a tin of Skoal and been done with my image busting for the year.

I decided to use the grain alcohol instead of the vodka from the DIY recipe because 1) higher proof and 2) didn’t want to be tempted to drink hand sanitizer.

I arranged my ingredients.


I mixed (no photo)


I refilled an old hand sanitizer bottle (reuse, reduce, recycle, have sex!), and put the spare in the fridge for later.

This was just the beginning of Martha F. Stewart coming to town.

(Ten Steps for Creating Breast Health)