Okay, so yesterday I talked about my weird ass issues with my hands and hand washing. I’ve used the homemade sanitizer for a fews days now and I really like it. The consistency is relatively the same as the stuff you would buy, the lavender does smell nice and works with the alcohol, rather than competing with it. I’m assuming my hands are marginally cleaner than they were before – and I can pronounce everything in the bottle. I like that too.

I have it on good authority that Jennifer has the crack source for good soap.

So. I’ve told you one weird thing about me this week. Here comes another.

Not a fan of vegetables.

I totally understand that they are, like, good for you and stuff. But … ick. There are three in particular that I appreciate how pretty they are, but just don’t care to eat them.

I’ll give you three guesses.


Yeah, I know. Tomato is a fruit. I just realized that – but anyway.

Scout is mystified that I don’t care for those three foods, but I’ll eat salsa and spaghetti sauce.

I used the stuff in the picture above and made 3 small batches of salsa – two are in the freezer and one is being eaten. Yum.

Next crazy thing – I hate knives. That’s not exactly true. I’m excessively scared of getting cut by a knife. (Same goes for heights – heights don’t scare me – falling from them does. Flying doesn’t scare me – blowing up does.)

This knife thing makes cooking a bit of a chore. So I’ve learned to be as efficient as possible with it.

See the criss cross pattern cut into the whole onion?


Then I cut it off into the smaller pieces.


Betty F. Crocker in the house, I swear.

Oh, except she probably wouldn’t decide that using the oil and basil out of the mozzarella that she’d already inhaled was just what the sauce needed. Julia would though, oh Julia would.


Mmm. Pretty.pa200712.jpg

I took all of that and threw it in the blender (gradually) with enough water to let it mix together.

Then I went all crazy and made meatballs.

From SCRATCH. Good grief.



Perhaps I need to work on my plating skills next…..