In Friday’s post, in the first line I called my friend “Elizabeth” and then put “(snicker)” next to it.

My friend’s name isn’t Elizabeth, it’s Betsy. I called her Elizabeth for two reasons.

1) I was writing about her personal business on my public blog. I wanted to give her the option of using her own name. Since she used her name in the comments, I’ll use it here.

2) We were officers in our department’s student organization (gag, totally roped in, gag) and on the ballots, the faculty adviser had listed her as “Elizabeth”, we laughed and then this crazy conversation took place

Betsy: “Why did you put my name as Elizabeth on the ballot.”

Adviser: “Oh, I was being official.”

Betsy: “Okay, but, my name is Betsy.”

Adviser: “I know everyone calls you Betsy, I just thought since it was a ballot, I’d put your formal name.”

Betsy (looking at me, I’m trying to not crack my ass up at this point): “My formal name is Betsy.”

Adviser: “You don’t use Elizabeth?”

Betsy: “No, I don’t use Elizabeth, my name is Betsy.”

Adviser: “Why don’t you use Elizabeth?”

(I’m helplessly snorting with laughter at this point. I mean, DUDE, buy a clue. And a vowel.)

Betsy: “Be. Cause. My. Name. Is. Bet. Sy.”

Adviser: “But what is on your driver’s license?”

Betsy: “Bet. Sy.”

Adviser: “What is on your marriage certificate?”

Betsy: “Bet. Sy.”

Adviser: “So your legal name is Betsy and not Elizabeth?”

Betsy: “Um… yeah …”

Adviser: “Ohhhh”

So ya know, gotta call her Elizabeth sometimes, for old times’ sake.