So reading Mary Alice’s post reminded me of a verbal faux pas I made once upon a time.

I had a friend named Lin, and friend named Chris Payson. Now Lin and Chris were rather quiet, wallflower kind of people. They never caused any scandal or any gossip within the group (unlike the rest of us.)?Ǭ† These friends shocked the socks off us when they unexpectedly hooked up one night in a college campout wine cooler haze and had some horizontal ‘everything but’ kind of action.

The next morning as six 19 year old girls smashed into a Honda Civic hatchback, Lin reported what had happened. Given the TOTAL unlikeliness of something like this EVER happening, I had trouble wrapping my brain around it to the point that I had some trouble saying what was on my mind, and blurted out, “I can’t believe you had Chris Penis’s Payson in your House!”

Yeah. We were a classy sort of gaggle of hungover girls that morning.

Apparently, as a topper of the “event” when all was, uh, said and done, if you will, there was a … liquid up the nose incident, which caused her to sneeze.

Which led us to declare:

“Penis is the Reason for your Sneezin’!”

(I’m not a huge Larry the Cable Guy fan, but at this point, I feel a heartfelt, “Lord, I apologize,” is REALLY necessary.)