(I clicked every single link on my reader yesterday – 500+ posts. I commented very, very little, but if you check your sitemeters/statcounters/bloglogs you’ll see I was there, thanks so much for keeping me entertained in the land of the sick.)


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Blogroll: to the left, all about it in the first link, should you be there and I missed you?

Reader: being updated, cuz some of you are getting sadly neglected and you are way too awesome to not get read (Margaret Sally and Planet of Janet I’m totally looking your way – just to name two)

Top commenters: to the right – are you there? should you be there?

Lurkers: hi y’all

Health: we’re sort of better, sort of not, at least there is less snot

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: in the comments below, say hello. Just hello. You don’t need to be profound, I just wanna know that you stopped by to see me.