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I give you my recipe for Punt Soup.

Why Punt you ask?

You know those days that nothing goes as planned and you need to dream up some dinner that doesn’t require a take out box? What do you do? You Punt. Hence, Punt Soup. If the Punt Soup is too thick, it becomes Punt Casserole. Punt is very forgiving.

(I took pictures, but it’s been one of those Punt kind of days around here so just words will have to do.)

This recipe is like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Tends to also work better when you don’t really have an expectation of how it’s going to taste when you are done.

Step One –

Put a pot on the stove, throw some garlic and some oil or butter into it and set to medium low. (We eat garlic with everything but chocolate around here so this may not be for you.)

Step Two –

Search around for something to be the base of the soup – chicken broth (homemade, canned, boxed), beef broth (ditto), veggie broth, bullion cubes, Lipton soup mixes. Any of that will do. You can add wine or beer if you want to. (Warning – I once used red wine and turned my broccoli cheese soup pink.)

Step Three –

Are you putting meat in it? Scavenge for meat if needed, throw in microwave to thaw or cook. Could try cooked egg or tofu if you are looking for protein but no meat.

Step Four –

Do you want creamy soup? Grab some milk or some cheese. Set it aside and wait for the soup to be warm. Add once everything in there is more or less warm but NOT boiling. Boiling makes a weird texture – which, it’s Punt, you can tell the fam that you meant to make it that way, it’s all good.

Step Five –

Add some starch – rice, quinoa, wild rice, brown rice, pasta, potato – you can tell I like my starch.

Step Six –

Some flavor – can of green chilis, some tomato paste, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, whatever spices you can get your hands on in the cabinet.

Step Seven –

Veggies. Scavenge, add some stuff. You really can’t go wrong. Well. Except I’m not a huge veggie fan so I usually skip this part.

Gradually add stuff to the pot, let it warm, walk away and ignore it. Hope for the best. Taste tests along the way can help. Rarely is Punt a complete failure, it is sometimes merely food and nothing great. But sometimes you can surprise yourself and find yourself going “WHAT did I put in this, it’s the yum!”