I told ya you could ask me anything, so here goes the answers.

Veronica asked, “What is your favourite junk food and why?” I’d have to say jalepeno poppers are my personal hide in the closet and eat as many as possible addiction. The ones with cream cheese, not cheddar cheese. They got me through pregnancy.

the dragonfly asked, “If you could spend 24 hours with anyone, anywhere, doing anything, with unlimited funds – what would you do?” I’m gonna add time travel in here too, cuz what the hey. It would be the year 1845. I would be in Germany with my great great great grandparents. I would find out their names and where they came from. I’d see their lives as they were then. I’d also take lots of pictures. Cuz that’d be cool. Like Dr. Who.

witchypoo asked, “Electricity. What colour is it?” I picture it as blue white. So bright we can barely see it.

Kyla asked, “What led you to becoming an SLP?” 1. Prof had some speech problems with his /r/ and /l/ when he was little. I remember sitting on the floor, showing him proper placement of his tongue and teeth to make the right sound. Deacon came in and told me I couldn’t help him. As I’ve spent most of my life trying to prove Deacon wrong, I’m sure this is the root of the fascination. 2. I had a friend who was in a car hit by a drunk driver. He was thrown out of the car and landed on his head. He spent months in rehab and he kept calling the speech therapy “pointless”, I kept going and finding out what the point of it was for him and then going back and explaining it to him. 3. I thought all you really did with speech therapy was articulation. I didn’t realize till I was doing a practical for my Elementary Education degree that there is a lot of literacy involved with it too, that was fascinating. I thought it was a really versatile field and after a couple years out of school I went back for my masters.

Kyla also asked, “What is your favorite time of day with Alex?” Well, it totally isn’t right now when he’s in the swing screaming his guts out at me because he doesn’t want to take a nap. Heh. If we’ve all had a reasonable amount of sleep, when he first wakes up in the morning he’ll nurse and then pop up with these bright blue, clear, wide awake eyes. He’ll sit up in bed and start “talking”. I love that.

MP hit me with a 4peat. What is your favorite store to shop in? Mmmm. The Bravissimo store online. Your favorite family resturant? The Winzer Stube, it’s a German restaurant in Wisconsin. Ultimate date night? Dual massages for Scout and I and a meal with no food thrown on the floor. Favorite song to sing aloud to in the car when you are by yourself? My Favorite Underwear by Liz Phair.

AFF asked, “I could be asking something you’ve already answered, but: if you are of Scottish ancestry, why did you go with Kaiser? Are you a WWI fan?”I geeked out Alex’s ancestry and he’s more German than anything else, and he’s such a little dictator that Kaiser was just fitting. We also joked while I was pregnant that we should name him something over the top like Johannes Heinrich Dietrich Wilhelm Wolfgang or some such thing. Then we saw his ultrasound and thought perhaps Ronald Jeremy would be more appropriate.

flutter wants to know, “when you think about yourself, what are the things that you absolutely love, without question?” I love that I have a gift with written words. Given enough time, I can typically come up with whatever needs to be said in any given situation. (I’m no so brill with on the spot spoken word, but I keep working at it.) I love that I can take any amount of money and make it stretch for as long as necessary and always have a tiny bit of extra. I love that I can find Scout’s funny bone almost all the time. I love that my eyes are blue and my body is in proportion.