I don’t even know where to begin.

I’m sitting here, staring at the screen and this whole thing is just too damned big to be able to explain, to figure out. It’s hard for me to breathe as I type this. I don’t know what to do, the perfect solution isn’t here.

Which means I have a little something in common with Kyla.

The difference is I’m trying to write a blog post and she’s trying to manage the complexities of multiple doctor appointments and therapies for her three year old.

Oh, and when it comes to financing health insurance for their daughter, their options are 1. Rock 2. Hard Place 3. Molten Lava 4. Tsunami 5. Threesome with Jabba the Hut and Dick Cheney.

This isn’t a case of “oh honey, should we get health insurance or should we go to the casino and eat some steak and play some black jack.”

This is something that could happen to each and every one of you (and me) reading these words. What happens if your health status changes? What happens if your company’s insurance premium goes up so much that you would have to choose between insurance and your home?

The key is, I didn’t get it till Kyla started writing about what is going on in their family. Which is really shameful because I provide therapy. *I* am part of the flawed system.

For kicking me in the ass and showing me the light, I give you Kyla’s Perfect Posts for the month of February. The first link is to her personal blog, The Journey where she writes more about the emotions of a mom in all this, the second is to Momocrats where she really broke it down into all of their options.

And you better believe when I cast my vote in November I’ll be voting for the person most likely to take care of Kaytar. Because as Kyla says, “It just shouldn’t be this hard to protect something this precious.”

Amen, Kyla. Amen.

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