On the road again. Me n the Kaiser, 560 miles. Back to the land of crazy. I’m writing to you from the CUTEST Days Inn on the planet. It’s the Lodge style with big wood beds and the throw pillows have freaking BEARS on them. Alex is trying to climb the ladder back bed.


There was popcorn in the lobby, so we got a bag and sat on the bed eating it. Alex had these BIG eyes and looked like it was Christmas morning. About the time I realized it was WAY gross to eat anything off a hotel bedspread, he crawled in my lap and was soaked in his own pee – which meant the bedspread was soaked – which totally proved my point.

Now he’s trying to climb ME. Better try to help to sleep like a good mommy.

I’m leaving you with VDog, archived posts and a little bit of me as I can make it to the computer from the dialup. Sigh.

Wish me luck, and have fun!