(alternate title: Where Dawn mentions death, yet again.)

This happened in 2006, one year to the day after my Grandma died. It was one of those dates that made me go ‘huh, I remember this day last year’ – not something that I was wearing all black for and making a big deal of.


(high school graduation. 1933)

But ya know, I think we all hope for signs or whatev, that life is okay – whatever that life is, wherever that life is – however all that works out.

So being the date/time dork I am, I of course, remembered what time she died. I knew when “the minute” was. It passed. No big thing. Just passed on by. Followed by several more minutes – cuz that’s what minutes do.

Then it started raining, which is in the “no big deal” category these days b/c it does that about every other minute right now. I noticed the rain had stopped – and that the sun was out – I thought “What’s the chances?” and even a more punitive “Grow up Dawn, quit looking for signs.” But I got up and looked……

TWO rainbows – all the pretty colors – even purple – and I think the purples were fading back into blues at the bottom.

Lilacs are what my grandma and I planted once upon a time. Lilacs that did not bloom in my backyard until after we got back from the funeral. Lilacs that have decided they apparently like my backyard now and are gonna stick around.

I missed those lilacs when we moved last summer, till I looked out this week and realized there are two huge bushes on the side of our new house.

Peace Grandma, I hope your homecoming was even better than this.