Remember when I asked you what I should buy, and you ALL had LOTS of opinions that I loved reading about because some of you liked them all, some of you hated them all, some of you loved one and others hated the same one with an equal passion? It was the DEFINITION of awesometastic. (Also, remember when I used to use punctuation and didn’t run on sentences for-ev-ah?)

Today I tried on option 1 and HATED it. Sigh. I’ve put option 2 on the “see if it goes on sale” list. Option 3 didn’t work for today’s instant gratification.

Here you are. Mommy uniform for the summer of 2008.


Old Navy Sweetheart jeans. I’m not a huge Old Navy fan, but these jeans rock. I do have to wear a belt with them because they’re a little big in the waist, but they are comfy and I love them. I got the boot cut, but the flares were cool too. They fit below the muffin top when I sit down.


Ann Taylor wide trim ruched v neck. V is deep enough keep me from looking all boobs, but not so deep I need a cami under it.


I’m either gonna love this or hate it. I’m not sure yet. More Ann Taylor. (They were having a 25% off everything sale today.)


Why yes, yes I did buy the same shirt in 4 colors.


These are particularly cool Gap tshirts because you can flip em around and have a scoop neck. Which is of course how I’ll wearing them due to the ta-tas and all. (You’ll have to click the link to see the scoop pic, these are the colors though.)

Add in some socks and um… knee highs (I can’t stand shoes and bare feet) and I’m all set for summer.

Although. I have to tell you. I’m disturbed. I shopped both Macy’s and Dillards SHOE SALES and I did not find a single shoe that tickled my fancy. I’m a little worried about myself.