We have a winner!

Qtpies7 for the PC and Kimberly for the Mac!

Welcome to kaiseralex.com!

Here we go – for one Mac User and one PC User – we have some BlogHer Swag just for you!

The PC Swag bag contains:

1 Scholastic bag, 3 samples Bath and Body Works products, Norton 360 for PC, Embrace Your Grace Tshirt, Macy’s coupon, chocolate, Dentaburst stuff, TNT DVD, Kinderprint kit, 2 coupons for Cocoa Puffs AND the awesome kaiseralex.com biz card!

The Mac Swag Bag contains: BlogHer bag, I Am the Boss of Me tshirt, lijit sticker, PBS DVD, Macy’s coupon, TNT DVD, Norton for Mac, chocolate, laptop lock, manicure kit, 2 Cocoa Puffs coupons AND the awesome kaiseralex.com biz card!

To enter, leave a comment specifying PC or Mac – thanks for stopping by kaiseralex.com, you can click the link to return to BloggyGiveaways.com