My friends …. it’s time for a change. Yes I can.

It’s a beautiful fall morning. My house is still a mess and my husband is still, as yet, unsatisfied because my legs are still doing an impression of a yeti.


I feel something.

It’s inspiration.

I have thoughts racing around. Ideas. Wants. Dare I call it – excitement? Joy potential?

I’m sitting in our “office”. Also known as the front room space that holds random things and is usually a den of clutter. The room that Scout said he’d like to work on being cleaner.

This is the new heart of my act. The act I’m going to get together.

I’m nothing if not a planner. I’m so flighty that I have to set strict parameters if I’m going to accomplish anything.

I have 4 new areas of focus in this act of mine.

1. Health. Tis time to work on getting healthy. If I happen to become a replica of Kate Walsh in the process, well so be it. I’m sure Scout will learn to cope. I will work weekly on new habits. A lot of this journey will be blogged over at Blissfully Domestic‘s Healthy Bliss channel – because I’m a contributor, which I keep forgetting to tell you about …. probably because I keep forgetting to contribute. But wait! I have a post up today!

2. Beauty. Cuz dudes, Girlfriend needs some work. The potential is here, I just need to do something with it. Nothing dramatic, just things like, say, removing the ponytail, and wearing a bra. I set nice manageable goals here. 🙂

3. Home. Home looks like a shitpile of clutter exploded. I’m gonna work on that.

4. Work. I’m overwhelmed (in the best way possible) with the amount of resources I’m coming in contact with. Thank Lynn Terry for that. I’m ready to formulate a plan. Or at least a “pla….” if I can’t quite get the whole plan quite yet.

So here I go. Grab your favorite beverage and let’s take a ride on the “Watch Dawn get her act together express.”


And in a burst of sincerity.

I love y’all.

No really.

You unconditionally let me blast all my grief out onto a webpage and you accept it, and you each take a piece of it from me so I can cope a little more. You take a couple minutes out of your lives to give me a few words of encouragement. I think of you often (yes you, and you, and even you over there who I haven’t visited in a while). You give me luff without asking for any in return.

Thank you. Ya’ll keep me together. I appreciate it.