Why am I setting goals? I am getting my act together because my small human is watching everything I do.

1. Health – It’s a back to basics week. Time to eat that z0loft each morning again. Script is refilled, just need to get used to it again. (Explanation – anytime I change my routine, I get messed up on taking it – things like leaving town for a weekend shakes things up just enough that it takes me a while to get back on track. When it’s combined with needing to refill the script it just makes it all the more complicated.) (PS – would a little pill help you? Read here and see what you think.)

2. Beauty. Mascara is my friend. Use it.

3. Home. I’m focusing on the office. I need a home base to work – it’s time to get my computer out of the bedroom (for lots of reasons). I’ll be more apt to actually USE the office if the office is USABLE.

4. Work. Sign up for Self-Starters Weekly Tips. Complete the 4 special orders for Comfed Out Kaiser. Join Mom’s Unite.