Alex and I were in Seattle last week so I could spend time with my Victoria and my Leslie. I pulled us from our usual routine of living room sitting and tv watching while creating messes in the kitchen and pulled us cross country to spend a week with people I’ve actually only met … twice.

But the power of the blog. The twitter. The skype. The text message. The 704.

I know these women. Hell we have synched menstrual cycles from cross 3 time zones. They’ve seen me go to hell and they’ve dragged me back. They fun me up, I make sure they have booze.

Alex needs some funning up too. He’s far too serious for a little guy. It’s genetic.

Our boys luff each other just as their moms luff each other. Little Man, Buddy and the Kaiser chased, fought, tussled like puppies, shared food, watch Thomas (and watched Thomas and watch Thomas some more.)

Buddy is going through a “mine mine” stage – but we all knew how he felt as we packed up LM and Alex on Wednesday night and Buddy pointed at them and them patted his heart saying “mine mine!”

The next morning, I was reading an ACTUAL book (okay fine, it was a book with a collection of blog posts, whatever, it was bound and had a spine. Book.) Victoria and LM were dancing and then Alex started moving his arms… he shook, and he smiled, and he giggled.

My boy danced. My friends not only bring me joy, they bring my boy joy.

And when we got back to our home, when I was tired, and Alex was cranky, I turned up the music, and we danced.

Some joy you really CAN take with you. No matter how far you are.