Oh hai.
Mommentator told me I needed to post. And she’s right.

I have all these big thoughts in my head about simplicity and living with less and living life more like my grandparents but with Kate Spade and a jacuzzi tub.

I’m trying to clean my damn house. Trying to organize 2400 square feet. Because SERIOUSLY that’s 800 feet per person in this house. If I count the cats (which I might as well, they take up as much space in my bed as I do) then it’s still 480 square feet each and I should be feeling like I’m spinning on a mountaintop like I’m fucking Maria vonTrapp, not like I’m starring in Sanford and Son.

I’m obsessed with Tumbleweed Homes look how cute this house is


More Tumbleweed photos

Their LARGEST home is less than 900 square feet. I’m obsessed. Don’t tell hubs. I’m sure he would be unimpressed. Maybe if we had a shop for him the same size as the house …

For now, I’m off to pick up the dining room and do some dishes.