I have a not at all secret mental image of being an alpaca farmer. So clearly I’m all about the pink and white polka dotted Alpaca Farm Girl.

As our HOA won’t even let us build a detached shed in our backyard to keep tools and a lawnmower in, I am positive they would frown on a pair of pacas out back.

So until we move to the sticks and start growing my future skeins of yarn, I’ll have to content myself with knitting what others have grown.

I’ve purchased the most organic alpaca yarn from Larkspur Funny Farm. (forgive the double link, I’m trying to play with SEO.)

Grace says

Since 1996, I have devoted my life to organically and humanely raising a variety of exotic fiber producing animals. I have also cultivated an extensive network of other like minded, caring breeders which provide fiber for the ever growing customer base here at the farm store and now on Etsy.

It’s true, each order I place she says thank you for helping her sustain her way of life and helping to care for animals who would otherwise not have homes.

My absolute favorite yarn I’ve purchased from her is the Baby Alpaca Mountain Fogil_430xn49631033

One of my very favorite hats I knitted was from her fine spun hand dyed yarn


And while it’s not alpaca – I am having a serious jones for this organic merino yarn


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