Alex is two. Which means that in between the whine and the scream of frustration because I won’t let him do everything himself, are these perfect moments where I smile and laugh more than I ever have before and I’m pretty sure rainbows and unicorns litter my backyard.


For his birthday, mah friend the West Texas book blogger and quilter – TexasRed made him his very own alpaca. (Adopting a lamb pattern from … a magazine … maybe we can convince her to do her FAF on the alpaca next week.) Which he promptly ignored for the 3 dollar airplane I’d grabbed at BigBoxHell. Sigh. So I got to love on my first alpaca. (And the only one I’ll have as long as I live in town. *sob* since I have my buy list all put together. Stupid rules.)


KaiserMommy without makeup. I really trust ya’ll.

Our first night back home, Scout was putting Alex to bed, I came in to give him a kiss and Scout showed the alpaca to Alex.

“Alex, what’s this?”


(nice, he still calls me dada. or joy killer.)

Scout keeps calling the alpaca a llama and I keep correcting him. The genus and species of stuffed animals is very important.

“But he can almost say Llama. He can’t say Alpaca.”

Scout turns his back.

“Alex. Say Alpaca.”

He gets a look of concentration on his face.

“Aw. Pah. Kah!”

Awwww yeah baby! These are the things that make surviving 35 weeks pregnant worth it (thats for you Jen.)

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