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Too Much

I figured out the root of my problems years ago. I have too much stuff. Too much stuff means I can’t keep up with cleaning, with organizing, with life. A friend with a forever cleaned up house observed – “You have too many hobbies and I don’t have any.” Which clearly is why she has a clean house and I so don’t. I have too much weight – which means.. Read More

There wasn’t enough space over there for my tagline

I wanted my tagline to say something along the lines of “The hardest one to raise is myself.” It bothered me though – partially because it centered funny in the template – a lot because that only told part of the story. You see, I’m bugged. I’m bugged by this face This is my grandma – eighteen years old – 1933. Valedictorian of the class of 1933 in her small-town.. Read More