I figured out the root of my problems years ago.

I have too much stuff.

Too much stuff means I can’t keep up with cleaning, with organizing, with life.

A friend with a forever cleaned up house observed – “You have too many hobbies and I don’t have any.” Which clearly is why she has a clean house and I so don’t.

I have too much weight – which means I have clothes ranging from 8s to 16s and those take up space. I’m taking up too much space for my own comfort. Last year I realized I didn’t want to take Alex swimming because I would be fat mommy. Which. Sigh. Seriously? I don’t wanna be THAT person. So I’ve put on the swimsuit and the lipstick and the earrings – because that totally distracts from the body yeah?

So I’m gonna work on this – because I want to ditch the too much stuff I don’t so much care about and fill it up with too much FUN! too much JOY! too many cuss words! too many exclamation points!!!!!