My clean house friend without any hobbies made us salad a couple weeks ago that I actually liked.

I typically am not a fan of salad because

  1. Boring
  2. Food touching
  3. Hungry by the time I finish eating
  4. They don’t make chocolate salads
  5. Really good salads are missing bread – and that’s why I like sandwiches better.

She violated item 2 something fierce – This salad had green stuff, strawberries, cranberries, feta, nuts and some vinaigrette. I was mourning the loss of perfectly good strawberries, but tried it anyway and actually liked it.

We paid for a CSA this year – The whole ‘eat local’ thing, along with – if I’m handed a food I wouldn’t normally eat, I’ll figure out a way to hide it so we don’t waste it.

I present to you the CSA Week One Salad


A bunch of green stuff (I don’t know what – 4 kinds of weeds I picked through and stuck in the colander to clean)


Radishes (chopped small so they are hidden), strawberries, cranberries, green onion, almonds, rest of some vinaigrette. Green stuff in a bowl, red stuff on top.

I’m not in love with this concoction, but I figure when the compost scraps looks like this, I must bein doing something good for me.