Exercise – elliptical oh dear deity and then cool down collapse on and hope my heart rate returns to normal on the recumbent bike

Calories burned – 500+

Movie – 2012 – Mostly I was grateful they came in and turned off the 4th hour of the Today Show turned into Infomercial. I had no clue what the movie was (took at least 15 minutes for them to flash the title) but when I saw sunspots, I texted Victoria and said, “I dunno what this is, but I bet ‘destroy the Earth’ will be a line in here at least once.” It was aight – I was way more excited about it when John Cusack hit the screen.

Song – Bust A Move ala Glee – “You know what to do, Fatso, hey, Bust A Move.”

Your reward for reading this? A hot photo of me.

Hot Chick Post Workout

What? You were expecting sultry hot? For that, you have to head to Room 704 for the Sultry June edition.