Okay – Days Nine and Ten were same ole same. I had movies both days that I totally can’t remember. Importantly I hit my +500 each day.

Then I left for Utah –

Day Eleven – sweating my ass off in the Detroit airport as I ran for my connection all the way through Concourse A *AND* C. Carrying all my luggage (fine, 2 small carry ons, but STILL)

Day Twelve – I put on the workout clothes I’d actually taken with me, and went for a two hour walk with Leslie. I huffed my way through. Let’s blame the out of breath on the altitude, shall we? In any case. Exercise while on vacation is a new crazy thing for me.

Day Thirteen – More airport running. Delta kept changing my gate so there was a helluva lot of moving there.

Day Fourteen – a bit of a fail. No gym on account of Alex being that snotty kid that I just didn’t want to take to the day care. I spent time going through my stack of magazines and pulling out all those exercise cards and routines – I’ll put those together so I can have a variety of go-to activities on days the gym just can’t happen. I figure setting a timer for 30 minutes and going for it is a decent plan. And better to do SOMETHING imperfectly than NOTHING perfectly.