I am not one for taking risks.

My bucket list is entirely bungee jumping and skydiving free.

I take the safe choices.

I am safe in my design, in my clothes, in my hair color.

I named my kid a safe name.

I drive a 4 door, silver sedan.

I try to not attract attention.

I keep my voice inside my chest.

I fear confrontation.

I am afraid of falling from heights. I am historically afraid of flying.


Ever since Dad died, I am not afraid to fly.

While flying into Salt Lake City last week, I realized there was no fear.

I like to think that is a gift from my Daddy.

That he didn’t say goodbye to me.

He helped me say goodbye to my fear.

I wouldn’t have considered the Ziprider on my own.

Leslie and Jessica were ALL about it.

Leslie who is taking the 30s by the balls.

Jessica who isn’t afraid to be beautiful


We were doing this.

Nervous toots and all.

When the door opened, I screamed.

Not because I was scared, but because I COULD

I set free that voice that lives in my chest.

I threw up my arms and yelled “ALL RIGHT!”

Then I was silent.

I watched the trees.

I felt the wind.

I flew.

I laughed.

I fell in the arms of my friends.

Who were watching the entire time.

(Leslie and Victoria’s perspective on my Zipride with Jessica.)

And just because the ride ended, doesn’t mean I stopped flying.