I don’t have much to add after the last big “I am woman hear me roar“.

That was the easy part. The running on anger and adrenaline and shock value.

Now comes the reality.

The – oh. He hasn’t called – I’m not important yet. Dammit.

The – wtf, he just drove by and didn’t stop? Oh right. Not important. Yet. Dammit.

He came in and finished Alex’s floor and set up his bed while I was travelling the states to bring him back to me.

Today, after more mentions of The Dude and his boys than I could bear from my little one, I sent a single text, “Alex is asking for you.”

He made sure to come by and see him for a few minutes. Treating him with all the love and care he always has.

The Dude treats my boy with respect and love. We’re not quite there with me.