I’m not saying my gut work or my listening work or my forgiveness work is done, but I think I have learned the hard lessons, the basic lessons.

The next part is to work on some clearing out of the old.

Which for me will very much take shape as literally cleaning house.

I have too much shit. Too many projects. Too much clutter.

Everyone who has ever lived with me will agree.

It makes me hard to live with.

And how unfair.

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to making a home.

One of the very most important things to me is having a home where I feel comfortable and the rest of world feels welcome.

But no one feels comfortable because of all my shit thrown everywhere.

So my next project is to clear out the crap to make room for the joy.

I started with my car.

Which was strangely painful. I found little things that reminded me of the life with the Dude. And I set some of them aside, and a lot I threw away.

I kept what was needed and dumped out the crap.

Symbolic much?