This list is not all inclusive.

This list is not exclusive.

It is purposefully not in any particular order.

It’s me giving back some love to those who have loved me well this year.

Thank You.


Amanda MageeThe Wink She inspires me. She supports me. She sends me love. She never, ever stops cheering for me.

Mishelle LaneSecret Agent Mama – Hot photos of me. Lots of laughs in many hotel rooms in many different states. Shared information regarding the taste of, ahem, something that does NOT improve with age. (aka – Clean out the pipes guys if you expect any swallowing.)

Colleen VanierMommy Always Wins – Fellow single mommy. She’s hotter than me though. I still like her.

CrystalEwokmama – Blogged with/near her since the very beginning. Always has my back.

Victoria aka VDogVDog and Little Man (now with more offspring) – The one honest enough to look me in the eye while I cry and tell me, “This ain’t good, I’ve NEVER seen you this way, you gotta cut this shit off, it’s bad for you.” Also. Boobs. And Xanax. And earplugs.

Cindy WilkinsonPooBou – Wine soaked dinner, many other drinks, a pregnancy, two divorces, a breakup, non sleeping children, survived the perks of being a crazy ass with each other.

TexasRedTexas Red Books – We bonded because we were two timed by the same guy. Then she met her future husband at my wedding. Then my dad died the day of her wedding. One of us got the better deal here 🙂 xoxo

Bridget IveyThe Ivey League – Those are some awesome shoes 🙂

Susan NieburWhyMommy – Real live rocket scientist. Taught me the phrase “Just do it afraid”. Love.

Karla Porter Archerthere’s beauty in the chaos – – While finding her own truth, she supports mine. Which is pretty awe inspiring.

FlutterFlutter – – my red lipped, ba-bam, spirit twin. Believed in what was right for me when I couldn’t see it myself. Also? Wants to perfect her junk punch.

Loralee ChoateLoralee’s Looney Tunes – – If I could put a Rick Roll in the middle of your flash mob, I totally would.

JennyMommin’ it Up – – My inner guidance, that little voice telling me I can do it.

RachelA Southern Fairy Tale – – My first conference crush. She taught me that 4 year olds can pick locks with Barbie hands.

K. C.Real Housewife of the Bluegrass – Asskicker. Which I need.

KylaLife With The Tars – Two kids. One husband. Med Student. Still comments on my blog while acing O-Chem. I’m in awe.

MartyDon’t Take the Repeats – – The sweetest heart. Ev.Er.

ShanaGorillabuns – – When you build that Grandma’s Home Cooking-Butter n Bacon with Vodka drinks on the side Truck, you better come to my work I mean town. Cuz that’s REAL support.

Angie LynchA Whole Lot of Nothing – – Made of Awesome. Covered in Butter. Lovely, lovely butter. Holds my hand.

GrandyFunctional Schmunctional – A comment from her makes me smile all freaking day.

List not complete. Small man insists on Go, Diego, Go Games and I must comply or possibly die.