1. If he says, “I’m not sure you are the one,” I shouldn’t try to convince him otherwise.

2. If the relationship has to be secret, it shouldn’t exist.

3. If he says he “can’t” shake off a girl, it’s because he doesn’t want to. If my gut is pinging, I should listen.

4. I can tell a lot about a man by his offspring.

5. If I try to do something nice and he says “you don’t have to do that”, I shouldn’t waste my time.

6. Related: If I feel like he needs mothering, I should move on. I have a son, I want a partner.

7. Chemistry is damn important. Fire and melting – not just for makin’ s’mores.

8. If he’s whining about his life and not doing anything about it, I should let my foot hit him in the balls as I walk out the door. See also: #6

9. If he’s shouldering responsibility and doing his best, I can offer my support, and then trust him to know what needs to be done.

10. I am happy with myself and the life I have built, I am beginning to be ready to try.