958am Heading out for Illinois to get Alex. 5 hours in the car.

247pm backass illinois, waiting on alex.

743pm “Mommy, I like Missouri and Kentucky, but I don’t like you, only Daddy.” Punk Ass Punk Child of Mine. Just Now.

Comments from the above:
Lori LAhhhh, kids.
Kris K ugh…I’m sorry.
Dawn Exactly 🙂 my comment is a solid “thank you for trusting me enough to tell me how you feel” 🙂
Anne B My son at the age of 9 informed me that he and I were not bonded. He was bonded with his dad! I nearly wrecked the car when he told me that. Of course you need to know that my husband is only home on the weekends because he drives a truck. When the two of them became so “bonded” I’ll never know.
Amanda M Love you
Amy D Age 5: #allabouttheshiny.
Natalie L Owe, that sucks, but I am pretty sure Alex said something very similar shortly after his dad and I split up. A friend of mine reminded me of exactly what you said: it means he trusts you enough to tell you that and that is a very good thing.
Ruth J It’s different, since we’re all one domestic unit, but I recently became the second-favorite parent for J, just now 5. My sense is that it’s a part of differentiation coupled with his appreciation of the fact that I’m the one who has to make him do all the routine stuff whereas his dad gets to take him out to play. Still makes me slack jawed and weepy. I feel for you.
Jennifer T Sounds like he needs to be deprogrammed. Getting back in the routine should help.
Jené S I’m sorry, Dawn, that sucks. Hopefully, the emotions will be fleeting for him. L usually hates me a few times each week, but every once in a while, I’m the best mom ever. Hang in there.
Dawn He’s good – exhausted and all that. And had such a good time one on one with his dad. I hate that the swapping is so hard on him sometimes – if I’d known it would be this rough on him this time we would have swapped yesterday so we could have a day together before dropping right back into routine. He still wanted me to snuggle him to sleep tonight and I’m betting he will still make his way into my bed here before too long.
Shawnna M I said and thought a lot of terrible things about my mom…never meant a word of it. He’s likely just sad to say bye to dad.
Heather F I feel for you Dawn and I know the heartache of hearing it. He loves you both and it’s a rough time for all I am sure. You live and learn and I know from experience a little one on one time before the daily grind and as mentioned above deprogramming is helpful. Hang in there because we all remember at that age favorites change daily… Friends, clothes, food, toys… I could go on but you get the point .
Lisa T. I think an earlier swap next time will be a better plan. Love.
Sherri H little turd…but he is honest… i agree he trust you and can say anything to ya… hang in there!!

(Fast forward 7 years and while he still likes Dad better, we are so much better.)