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January 2, 2012

958am Heading out for Illinois to get Alex. 5 hours in the car. 247pm backass illinois, waiting on alex. 743pm “Mommy, I like Missouri and Kentucky, but I don’t like you, only Daddy.” Punk Ass Punk Child of Mine. Just Now. Comments from the above: Lori LAhhhh, kids. Kris K ugh…I’m sorry. Dawn Exactly 🙂 my comment is a solid “thank you for trusting me enough to tell me how you feel”.. Read More

Two hearts

It’s been a long time coming. March will mark the 4th year since pulling the sheet over your face, and patting the top of your gray hair that last time. The last I looked at you. Four years since you died and left without saying goodbye, leaving me confused and hurt and in a mess of shit you left behind (legally and literally). Most of these four years I’ve fought.. Read More