My kid is in the safe seat for telling another kid to “build the f***ing house” how is your day?

Chrisy: Alex or a kid in your class?
Dawn: Oh this is MY child.
Audrey: Well, maybe the other kid should have just built the f***ing house.
AJ: Seriously!!! LMAO!!
Lindsey: When its your kid, it isn’t quite as funny as when it is someone elses. I hate to say I got a good chuckle from this, but I did. Mostly because I too have a little guy who talks like a sailor sometimes, partially because I feel relieved its not just my kid, and also because I’m thinking back to college days and thinking yes, these are our children.
Kristin: Love it!!!
Gregory: A future housing contractor? Maybe it is “what do you want to be when you grow up” day?
Audrey: Also, wtf is a “safe seat?”
Clint: Alex cat = beast mode
Dawn: @audrey “safe seat” equals time out with a “think sheet” where they process what they did and what they shouldve done. On my kids sheet he wrote the actual quote of what he said. Bc that’s normal for a preschooler. So I made a quick trip to talk to him and drive that NOT OKAY point home just a little more.
Susan: LOL When did he learn to be bossy?
Jonelle: Never know what is going to come out of our kids mouth’s sometimes
Sarah: I was in the grocery store when my 4 yr. old started singing a not so Lady Gaga song about “sitting on your disco stick!!” When a 20 or so yr. old woman told me what that was code for!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Where the heck did she hear that?
Sherri: oh my…hee hee… i know not funny but Merle and Grandpa Dean would be proud…
Dawn: “Mommy! The tow truck was trying to get the truck out of the fuckin’ mud!” ………. uh …. get the truck out of what? “the MUD”. Much better. *headdesk*