I’m still throwing down with you about getting the ugly out of your life. Knickers and all. That underwear drawer was a starting point for me. I keep thinking of you while I wander stores.

I know Amanda got rid of the ugly and found that a week without kids is a good reason to get back to, ahem, basics, with her husband.

You can get new, black, non ugly underwear for 97 CENTS at “the Walmarts” my friends. They don’t even SHOW the 97 cent panties online, but LOOK – even online you can find 2 dollar non ugly knickers.Ā 

Soma is having a sale where you can get 5 pairs for about 5 dollars each.

Jockey starts at 5 dollars, and they are really good about being sponsors for blog conferences, I’ve talked to their reps before and have always liked them.

The Hanes Outlet is running about 6 bucks each. I should have stocked up yesterday when I was there, but I was tired and excuse ridden.

You can hit etsy and start searching – These are handmade by Frolic and Frills for $7.95.

Panty by Post will run ya 30 bucks a month. (Love them, in case I haven’t mentioned.)

Etsy stores can run a gamut of prices – These are $79 from Guided by Stars.


Then I got all squirrelly and started looking for crazy expensive beautiful things – Like Nancy Meyer that has unders for OVER 400 dollars! šŸ™‚



What I really wanted to do yesterday was start buying black pretty things for you and doing little love bombs of pretty for the ones I love.

Why? Why am I so hotheaded about underwear? I am done settling. I am done saying that what I have always had is enough. I’m ready to decide what *I* want and what is good enough to be a part of my world. My extremely valuable world. That goes for my lingerie drawer, my house, AND my heart. This whole rant is merely me starting somewhere tangible.

I’m worth so much more than some of the crappy hands I have been dealt. I am now and forever more going to throw out what doesn’t work or please me and bring in things and people and experiences that bring me joy.

Yes, starting with underwear.