That moment when you decide paying the bills should not require a double helping of Xanax.

That moment when you realize your yelling has to do with fear of not having enough money and not at all with the issue you’re yelling about.

When you decide that a Masters degree, seven years on the internet, decades of writing experience, five years of etsy and crafting experience need to become worth something.

Deciding you know your worth and it’s time to focus and make life into better for you and your family.

Yeah. I’m there.

I know I’m not unique or alone in this, but for me it’s time to get myself more out there and try to do things smarter rather than hiding out and denying what just isn’t working anymore.

I’ve had my shop up on etsy for over five years. I used to sell lovely hand knit items for babies and children. Then life fell apart and focus was lost and I got away from it.

Well. It’s time to get back in.

Today in the midst of laundry (and more laundry). I’m going to be gathering what I have that needs to get back into the shop. I need to remember I do some really good work and I have a huge network of people who support me.

As of right now, I have a LOT of lovely raw alpaca. I think this black alpaca is the best of the lot. Nicest feel, staple length and workability. I have all the bragging about alpaca’s wonders in the listings (hint: Way. Better. Than. Wool.)

I work with Geek Details on pinback buttons. We have a couple more in the pipeline, just don’t have the images up yet.


I’m excited for what we can do – Wanna help? Tell me what you want to see and we will work on making it happen.