This is what I call a place holder post. No deep thoughts, just a darn near perfect day.

I voted and helped vote down Missouri Amendment 3 that would have done awful things to our schools.

I got my glasses adjusted so they hurt less.

I bought groceries.

I had lunch with My Person -Female (aka MPF).

Kaiser came home and reported that to tell me about his school day, he would have to tell me about recess, which would involve using a word he could not use at school. Then told me recess was a motherfucker.

I made dinner for three.

My Person -Male (aka MPF aka M’Love) finished watching Sons of Anarchy and rejoiced that we would not have to see (name redacted for spoilers) anymore after getting stabbed in the head with a freaking BBQ fork.

It has been a near perfect day. Today I love my reality.