I don’t have my Spark yet, so I drank a Plexus Slim. I’m willing to bet they are similar enough to keep me from a no coffee headache (My main goal of the day is to get through it without a no coffee migraine. It is 1:06pm and so far so good.) I took the morning Herbal Cleanse dose.

I drank the Fiber (unflavored). It was not as bad as I expected.

I had a Meal Replacement Shake for Breakfast. I picked Mocha. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, nor as good as my wildest dreams, but it did the job and the Mocha kind of replaced the coffee want for my morning.

Kaiser and I went shopping for groceries and 80 dollars later I had food for three of us for three days. Last night at DQ we spent 39 dollars for three of us for my “Last Meal”.

Morning snack was a banana and PB.

Now comes time that I have to start cooking. Cooking just isn’t my skill, but … MINDFUL and all that, I’m going to try.

Lunch. 1/2 c Quinoa, 1/2 c Chicken (I got some precooked Tyson stuff, it’s higher in sodium than is ideal, but it’s getting me in the right direction) 1c broccoli and some garlic powder. I thought I had red wine vinegar but I didn’t and I was disappointed in it. As I type I realize there was balsamic in the fridge. Oh well. Tomorrow.

I’m supposed to drink 95 oz of water, and that is rolling along fine.

I’m at midday and I am ready for a nap – which has more to do with how much has been going on the last five days and not with the food choices being made here.

A long nap later.

Afternoon snack – apple and almonds with cinnamon. I knew the cinnamon tasted super good. Finally realized it was cinnamon sugar. Oops.

Dinner. 4 eggs. (The food guide says 8 egg whites, I like eggs, I don’t like wasting half an egg, my eggs were plucked by hand from a coop, I feel okay about eating the eggs.) 1 piece of Ezekiel bread toast. 1 cup of salsa (the pricey stuff from the produce department. it’s all real food.)

By 9pm the headache started. My Spark got here today so I’ll have that in the morning, and if I still have the headache I will have a second one at lunch.

Water is done except for a swallow left for when I take the night pills.

I feel good about today.