This one word sums up everything I need to work on.

Solution to a messy house?


Solution to my weight?


Solution to my money?


I simply need to stop and focus on what is in front of me.

Simple concept. Difficult to do.

I have been working on our bedroom, I repainted the closet – getting rid of the paint from a friend who isn’t a friend any more.

I painted the bedroom – covering up the corner that when I looked at it, I remembered painting and fighting with the Dude. I was done giving these people space in my home and my head, and two gallons of paint fixed that.

I got rid of clothes, I folded my drawers Kon Mari style – I don’t know if they are happier, but I do like being able to see what I have.

I have to be mindful to keep it that way.

That project is in progress.

I signed up for AdvoCare. I’m not sure it’s THE fix. I am also positive that if I would just be MINDFUL and eat the food on the food list that I would lose weight and gain energy just by not shoving 1500 yummy calories in my face at a single meal. Today is Day One.

Mindfulness. Lesson for now.