So AdvoCare might be made of the energy of a four year old on a sugar high. I have cleaned the living crap out of “The Messy Room” – moving boxes, throwing things out (Contractor sized trash bag so full I can’t move it. No Hulk Strength yet, I guess.) I can see the floor. Which is A Thing. Our bedroom is almost finished.

I basically ate the same things Day Two and Three that I did on Day one. Dinners were a little different. I was going to eat Chicken Tacos on Day Two (Chicken, peppers, salsa, whole wheat tortilla) but couldn’t face chicken two meals in a row so I swapped the chicken for egg. Day three was chicken sausage with spinach and mustard in a WW tortilla (Was supposed to roast some cabbage. I got lazy.)

Day One I did end up with a monster lack of coffee caffeine headache by ten pm. My Spark had shown up that day so for Day Two I drank 2 Sparks. And was awake until at least 3 am. Day Three I only drank 1 Spark, that was the right amount for me. I also got behind on eating because I just wasn’t hungry yet for the next Snack/Meal … Then it caught up with me and I was hangry.

Interesting side note. My Talyaa talks about the body having a “healing response” to positive changes in nutrition etc. It’s healing but it feels like crap – like a low grade cold. I’ve got that. Which it could be fall allergies, or it could be my body being grateful for finally feeding it more quinoa and green veggies and less food that comes fried in a bag.