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February 12, 2019

The mean season is tough. It’s cold. It’s dark. It literally froze over last week. The light at the end of the school tunnel moved out by three more days after we were all trapped in the house because of an ice storm last week. I’m at a weird midway point. It has to be midway because I am not ready to be done and over. I’ve checked all the.. Read More

January 9, 2019

At 10:17 am on January 9, 2017 I posted: gonna be one of those classes where its real hard to make my face not tell my feelings I was sitting in front of a girl who … we’ve all been in front of that girl. The one who won’t stop talking and answering questions in class and she is not quite on point. 20 minutes or so later, I had.. Read More

January 6, 2019

I have this feeling that it’s too late. Too late to dream, to have a new dream, to try again, to start over. Time is running out, almost out, overtime. Instead of it motivating me to do more, I am frozen stuck. You would think I would feel like time is short and precious and be making the most of every minute. Not finishing A Million Little Things and not.. Read More

January 5, 2019

Still nothing deep to say. I left the house, I did things, we now have more than half a roll of toilet paper for 2 bathrooms and 4 people, so that feels like pretty successful adulting. I wish I was the kind of person who could be effortlessly organized. Could have lists and follow them and always have the right food and the picked up house. I did that once.. Read More

January 4, 2019

Today was crummy. And now that I am in bed and I haven’t done yoga but I’m comfortable and nothing has gone wrong in the last 20 minutes, I’m starting to relax. All day in the crummy day I still knew none of this was really bad. This is the kind of bad day I would beg for if things really went wrong. Didn’t change the constant getting knocked down,.. Read More

January 3, 2019

In true soul sucking form, going back to work wiped me out. 630 am starts are not my jam. I’m not quite but really close to burned out on working in schools and not loving children. I don’t know if I need a change of venue, a change of age group, or a change of career. It would figure that just as the money is good I would be ready.. Read More

January 1, 2019

Oh look, it might be a resolution. Nah. I don’t keep those. It’s a coincidence that the first day of the year has me in front of the computer. Had to look up how to find the login page for wp since I don’t have a widget on the home page. That’s how long it’s been since I logged in. I posted some old stuff from fb and then checked.. Read More