Oh look, it might be a resolution. Nah. I don’t keep those. It’s a coincidence that the first day of the year has me in front of the computer.

Had to look up how to find the login page for wp since I don’t have a widget on the home page. That’s how long it’s been since I logged in. I posted some old stuff from fb and then checked my email and got my 2-year invoice for my blog. Apparently the whole universe is thinking about Kaisermommy today. (nah).

As much as I want to be jaded and unaffected by a new year, it still feels fresh and as if new things are possible. The light is brighter and #moarhappyer. As Anne Shirley Blythe would say “Tomorrow is a new day, fresh, with no mistakes in it.”

2018 Me would have commented that I woke up to 2 zits and 3 gray hairs how sad oh my. 2019 is all YAY I WOKE UP!!! 🙂

A week and a half of vacation is great for good head space. Good enough that we are getting ready to yoga for the next 30 days. Whatever new start you need, hope you get it.