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Is it like this for everyone? Strip sheets on the bed to wash them. Take sheets to washing machine. Discover washing machine has damp clothes from who knows when. Rerun washing machine. Go to put newly washed clothes in dryer. Clothes in dryer. Rerun dryer to fluff. Take clothes from dryer, put clothes in dryer, wash sheets. Fold and put away clothes, fold and put away clothes, dry sheets, decide.. Read More


Alex has been off with Scout since December 21st. They have run about and touched probably every state in the midwest. Almost two weeks, they will be back tomorrow. Day 14. People ask “oh don’t you miss him?” Well. Um. Not really. I mean, sure, …. no. No, I really don’t. I’ve talked to him once, he told me about a semi truck that had run off the slick road.. Read More

The First Post of the New Year

On December 14th, 2012, my heart broke for my Victoria. Apparently my door was to blame.  I’ve done a lot of pondering since that day. The louder the outside world has gotten, the more I have retreated into myself. I’ve come to a couple of conclusions. 1. None of us want to feel helpless. 2. None of us want our lives to be controlled by someone else. As far as.. Read More